We are often contacted by people who have been told by their clinic to insure their insulin pump.  This page will deal with covering CGM too.

Most people have their pump added on to their contents insurance as a “specified item” for all risks.  It costs nothing or very little.

However, you should ask your PCT for a certificate of value AND ownership.  If they are not willing to provide this, then they should not expect you to insure their equipment, and it would be very difficult to make a claim on the insurance.  If they are willing to provide this, good!  They will never be able to threaten to remove it from you as they will have stated that it belongs to you!  Once you have that, you should be able to get it covered on your household insurance. In practice, most PCTs will hesitate to provide such a letter and the issue is then redundant.

We are aware of one company that offers insulin pump insurance.  Run by a pump user’s dad, the policy will protect you from theft, loss or accidental damage, and any claiims will not affect your household policy.  Visit www.insurance4insulinpumps.co.uk for more information.

Please contact INPUT if you have any bad experience with your clinic/PCT and insurance.